Wednesday 10 September 2014

Place Making conference posits creation of a garden cities alliance

The Place Making conference held at Letchworth Garden City has posited the creation of a 'New Garden Cities Alliance' through the adoption of a 'Letchworth Declaration'.

The Declaration was proposed to the conference by former Letchworth Mayor Philip Ross and was supported by the following speakers,

The Declaration can be read here and signed there too, It is garnering support from an alliance of planning professionals, academics, architects and community activists.

It proposes the creation of a New Garden Cities Alliance that will safeguard the garden city brand by bring clarity and certainty to the definition of what a garden city is.

Philip Ross told the conference : '

"There is political agreement that garden cities should be community-led and that is to be welcomed.
I believe too that the definition of the garden city needs to be community led.

No one trusts the government to do, they don’t the developers to do. They need a promise,  a social contract – to put their faith and trust in.

We need to come together forge that social contract, that promise, through a shared definition of what a garden city is. In doing so we can provide clarity and certainty to both the public and to developers and government".