Friday, 13 September 2013

UK Labour Conference meeting : How to build real garden cities with community ownership

Garden Cities are back on the agenda. At this year's Labour conference we are proud to sponsor a fringe event to reground Garden Cities in community ownership.

We have an excellent panel and it is a real opportunity to get issue of community land ownership onto the Labour agenda. It is set to be the flagship event on housing and planning for the conference.

Lord Glasman who has been a strong advocate of community ownership in the Labour will be delivering an important address.

‘Building real Garden Cities with community ownership’

Monday 23rd September 12:45 - 14:00 at the Friends’ Meeting House in Brighton.

Chairman :  Mrs Patricia Nevins (New Garden City Movement

Panel speakers :-

  • Philip Ross
  • Maurice Glasman (Lord)
  • Steve Wyler (Locality)
  • Pat Conaty (Co-ops UK)
  • Kate Henderson (CEO TCPA)
  • Jack Dromey MP (invited)

Invited but not yet confirmed is David Rodgers (Co-op Housing Fed)

ALL WELCOME, no pass required.

Directions are here

If you can attend please contact : Philip Ross - to help plan numbers for refreshments.
(rosspe at 07881 685 952)