Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Garden City Manifesto

We are pleased to announce that the 'Garden City Manifesto' is almost ready for publication. This builds on the previous work 'How to become a Garden City' and continues to discuss the 12 principles.

Philip Ross says : "The 12 principles themselves are the work of both Yves and I and are informed by lots of discussions with others. The narrative in this book is mainly mine. Yves intends to publish a more detailed text on this for deeper study whereas my work here is on a short work. Our aim is that the two books will complement each other".

"Central to them remains the original Garden City concept of common ownership. This common ownership has to happen in practice and through participation be managed by strong and active governance. The goal of the Garden City remains to be to build a strong community based on citizenship and empowerment as opposed to charity and paternalism. As for the principles none of them are new concepts but are ideas and methods already practiced some times in isolation. Our hope is that by bringing them together under a common umbrella where they can integrate and bind together we can build and inspire the 21st Century Garden Cities of To-morrow."

He added  "Initially we were going to replace the green book with this one, but the green one with the new one, but the green edition has proved so popular - lots of sales in the USA - such that we have decided to keep both copies out there for now"

It is hoped that the book will be published in July 2013 in UK and later in the year with publication in China and the USA.